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Tutorial on Using Tape Hair Extensions

Tutorial on Using Tape Hair Extensions

1. The first you're going to wash your hair with clarifying shampoo no conditioner, no other hair products just kind of strips your hair of all the oils or any other hair products or that might get in the  way of the adhesive. And you need to pick up a piece  of hair grab it from the end that has the tape and then pull downwards you're going to need are a hair brush layer the hair with a comb.


2. Then use our gift clip, these kind of clips like the crocodile clips they're really good for sectioning and holding. Put the tape hair extensions on it put down some hair add another row and keep going placements today once you get the hang of this can also try the bricklaying placement too where if you have two pieces side by side like this  on a row then the next row on top you would put this piece so it covers like the middle  of these two pieces just for like blending.

tape in human hair extensions

3. You may encounter this situation, that’s you do not have enough space to put a whole piece of tape, you can actually do is you can cut these in half so you just give it like a little snip and then you can apply a half piece there so that's a good way to do it, especially around the edges that will help with the blend.

4. The above steps will blend the tape hair extensions with your own hair for a very natural look.


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