Remy Human Hair Extensions

What is remy human hair?

Remy Human Hair is the finest quality of human hair. The hair is collected in a way that ensures that all the cuticles are kept intact, facing the natural growing direction. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-Remy or low-quality hair.
Preserving the hairs’ cuticles intact and aligning them in the same direction makes the hair extensions look completely natural. Remy human hair is only lightly processed, therefore it is healthy, silky, shiny, soft and very high in quality! 

What are the differences between synthetic vs. human hair extensions?

1. About Synthetic Strands vs. Real Human Hair

It is important to note that there is synthetic hair of different quality available on the market today. There has been a lot of improvement when it comes to the production of synthetic strands. As of 2021, the technologies of producing synthetic hair have very well surpassed those used in the late 00s.

Let’s move onto human hair. Genuine hair will last longer, you can dye it, bleach, tone, curl, or treat using any reasonable temperature. In addition to that, real hair will always blend better with your own. The simple fact that it’s real makes all the difference in the world. No one will ever suspect that you’re wearing extensions if they’re Remy. Synthetic hair on the other hand is fake and that’s why it’s also much harder to blend.

The main differences between the two hair types are price and quality. The look and feel of the strands, as well as the ability to dye, style, blend, and change the texture is also determined by the hair type. So, if you are on the edge on whether you should go with synthetic or real Remy human hair extensions, then look at the characteristics of both. This should help you to lean towards one or another side.

2. Manufacturing: Synthetic vs. Real Hair Extensions

How is the Synthetic Hair Made? The goal of synthetic fibers is to resemble real hair. Synthetic hair ingredients include around 10-15 different chemicals (depending on the color and manufacturer) as well as “flexible” plastics. A special machine then blends and processes ingredients, molding them into a hair-like shape.
Factories use a couple of different fibers and materials, it’s often poly filament, low-grade acrylic, and polyester. Before reaching the product stage, these fibers then go through a lot of chemical and mechanical processing. Low-quality synthetic fibers will look very plastic and waxy!

3. Price: Synthetic vs. Real Hair Extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions Cost. One of the main reasons why women choose synthetic hair over Remy is the price. You can buy bundles of synthetic hair for as low as a couple of bucks on eBay. However, just imagine how low-quality this hair must be to be sold for such a low price.

Remy Human Extensions Cost Remy extensions are usually a bit pricier than others, but that is due to the complicated manufacturing process that ensures the highest quality. As with all other products, high-quality and high prices go hand in hand. But if you consider how long Remy extensions last, the price ends up being affordable.

4. Lifespan: Synthetic vs. Human Hair Extensions

Although synthetic strands might be cheaper, you would have to buy new ones more frequently. In the end, you will pay a lot of money for extensions that are of far inferior quality. That’s why we always recommend that you invest in Remy hair, it pays off in the long run.

How Long Do Synthetic Hair Extensions Last?
The life expectancy of synthetic hair is not so promising. Consider yourself very lucky if you’re able to wear synthetic extensions for more than two months. This type of hair is never made to last long. The artificial fibers cannot cope with daily use. Such hair extensions will tangle a lot and eventually turn into a huge mass-like bundle. That’s not something you can wear. There is no way to revive hair either. So, once you notice that the synthetic extensions are getting harder to detangle and start to get messy, you’re approaching doomsday. Soon, the hair will go from your head to the trash. If you want longevity, stay away from synthetic strands. Hair Lifespan: 2 – 3 Months.

 How Long Do Real Hair Extensions Last?
Remy extensions are very durable which makes them the perfect option for someone who wants hair that lasts for a considerably long amount of time. Regardless of which extension type you choose, you can expect to wear it for at least three months for the low-quality hair. If you take extra good care of the extensions, the life span can be significantly extended. This is a huge advantage of Remy hair. Hair Lifespan: 6 – 24 Months.

Lifespan Summary The average lifespan of synthetic hair extensions is 2 to 3 months. Real hair extensions last from 3 to 24 months on average, depending on quality.

5. Styling: Synthetic vs. Human Hair Extensions

Can You Curl or Style Fake Hair? Although some newer, higher quality synthetic extensions are somewhat heat resistant which enables you to change their texture, most of them cannot be curled or straightened. Synthetic fibers are plastic, so imagine what happens when you add heat to that! The fibers simply melt away and turn into a huge mess. Not only does that completely ruin the extensions, but it’s also quite dangerous.
Can You Curl or Style Human Hair Extensions? Extensions made of real human hair can be straightened, curled, or made wavy. There are really no limitations when it comes to textures. So, if straight or curly extensions bore you, simply grab your hot tool and transform it. If you want to take extra good care of the hair, don’t go overboard with the use of heat. Otherwise, you might shorten hair lifespan.

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