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Goo Goo hair extensions look effortless and easy. Ready in seconds and customisable to suit
all hair types no matter if you want to
be blonder, beachy'er, bouncey'er, Tindery'er, or just couchy'er.

Get Instant Length

Double drawn clip ins 160g/ clip ins 150g/ Tape ins/ Seamless clip ins
Length: 18" 20" 22" 24"

Add Volume

Fine/Medium hair: Tape ins/ Classic clip ins
Thick hair:
Double drawn clip ins 160g/ Clip ins 150g/ Seamless clip ins

Quick Highlight Color

Add Ponytail

Beauty is within Reach with Goo Goo Hair Extensions

Thousands of girls choose Goo Goo hair extensions every year and transform themselves daily!

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