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Friends with benefits

Sharing is caring! Tell friends, family, and everyone one the Internet about us. 

You'll get $5 in store credit if they use your unique link, they'll get $5
off their first purchase, and everyone will be happy!

How does the friend referral program work?

1?Click the "Rewards Program" in the lower left corner of the page, either "Log In" or "Create Account".

1?Scroll down for "REFER A FRIEND".

1$Share your referral link on various platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and Email. Or you can just copy your link and share it directly with a friend.

1$Once your friend visits your unique referral link, they will then be presented with $5 discount code which should be copied for pasting at checkout.

1$Now, the best part! Your $5 credit will be reflected in your points balance for each successful referral. The more you promote, the more you make.

Qualified referrals must be made by someone who has not previously purchased products at googoohair.com, and who received their personal promo code through your Referral Program link.

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