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5 Ways To Heal DRY Damaged Hair In One Day

5 Ways To Heal DRY Damaged Hair In One Day

Today's tips are for anyone that is super worried about their hair and just wondering what you can do right now to just help make your hair feel good again, whether your hair feels dry or damaged due to over processing of color or lightener or you've just kind of been neglecting your hair and probably over styling it with heat. These tips are all going to help your hair feel good in one day.

Tip: Do A Mask

A mask is something that's going to be super hydrating. A mask doesn't heal hair. If you do a mask today and wash your hair tomorrow, in 30 days your hair isn't necessarily going to be in better condition than it was a month ago because of that one mask. But what that mask does do is it kind of coats your hair in everything that it needs right now and protects it from further damage until you shampoo your hair. 

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Tip: A Trim or a Dusting

If you're not looking to lose length, you can just get a dusting. Most likely dusting is actually going to help you even more. So than an actual cut, the reason why this is a 100 surefire way that is going to help heal your hair is because you are getting rid of the issue typically. When your hair is over processed, the part that is the most damaged is that very end of the hair. so it's not all through the shaft that it's like dry and damaged, so cutting the ends isn't going to help you where that damage is actually present. 

Basically trimming off any hair that kind of lifts off, if you were to bend it kind of around your finger so by trimming that as you run down the surface of the hair you are getting rid of all the trouble areas. By doing this dusting, you've probably most likely removed at least 60 to 70 percent of the damage.

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Tip: Leave-in Treatment

Leave-in treatments that you can put on the hair that are going to help aid in the protection of your hair until you shampoo your hair again. Hair restorative cream is not heavy. It leaves your hair smelling wonderful and it's one of those products that right away you will see a result but also with long-term use. It will also improve your hair in the long run. 

Tip: Lay off of Heat

If you absolutely have to, it is better to use a good quality blow dryer. Stay away from any curlers or any straighteners, it's just way more concentrated heat on a small section of hair. Another good option is to kind of wave a wrap your hair. Wrap damp hair kind of around a sock or a silk scarf. Let it air dry and then it takes on the shape and it dries actually really frizz free and really beautiful. you absolutely don't want to be adding any more heat damage or any damage at all to the hair.

Tip: Good Quality Argan Oil

The last tip is going to help the look and feel of your hair right away but also has huge long-term benefits when used every day and that is a good quality argan oil. This is the one tip that really does not take much effort. Everyone with hair will benefit from using this oil. So the best way to use. It is fresh out of the shower you're going to towel dry the hair and apply a minimal amount to your fingertips, rub it into your hands. It's nicely dispersed and start from the mid shaft all the way through the end you don't need a ton at the top, because your roots typically are the healthiest part of the hair, because it is the youngest section of hair. Argan oil is actually really light on the hair so you're not going to feel like this greasy mess.

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