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How to Put Clip in Hair Extensions in Short Hair?

How to Put Clip in Hair Extensions in Short Hair?

Clip in hair extensions are ideal, because they're easier to blend with short hair and can be done at home. Firstly, wash and condition your hair right before you apply it. Oily hair won’t hold the hair extensions as well as clean hair. Pull up the top half of your hair and secure it. We can use hair claws to secure hair. Apply the Goo Goo clip in hair extensions to the divide between our top and bottom half of hair.

Tease our hair before apply the hair extensions. We can use the brush or comb to carefully tease the hair where you want to clip in it. This will make a shelf for hair hair extensions, which is easier for the extensions to stay firmly. If you have hairspray, spray it on the “shelf” for added grip.

Hold the clips up to the shelf that we created, and make sure that we’re satisfied with where they are being clipped in it. Check the hair fit in our natural hair. The next step is to style and blend in Goo Goo hair extensions by curling or straightening our hair. It does not matter if you decide to use a curling iron or flat iron. This step just help the hair look natural.


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