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All You Need to Know Before getting Balayage Hair

All You Need to Know Before getting Balayage Hair


Balayage is actually a French word that translates to sweeping motion so while this is a technique it's actually become one of the top requested services in the salon being an artform, it gives beautifully blended and results.

The most important tips to get the perfect balayage is to fully communicate with your hairstylist in advance. And before you go to a salon to get this application, You may wearing your hair at the way you typically part it, so the hairstylist can make sure the applications matches that in the consultation. And here are some points for the communication .

The first thing you may need to do is to show them an inspiration picture.

Picture references for what you are looking for helps hairstylist to make sure which one balayage is the correct application for what you are expecting.

 The second thing is that “how much blonde do you want in the end”

The hairstylist would like to know if your ends are totally blonde and the desired end results. If you are, the hairstylist is gonna do more full saturation on the ends to achieve a more solid look . If there's any dimension or depth throughout the ends. They are gonna do more of a combination of surface and full saturation throughout the ends.

The third thing you need to tell them is what type of maintenance you are looking for.

Balayage is a perfect application for a low maintenance grow-out and they may want to take this opportunity to really assess how far up or how far down you want the application to be. This will really help them determine what the application and what the balayage will actually look like.

Fourth, What tonality you are looking for?

If the end result you want is very high contrast, the result balayage might not be the best application for you. However, if the end results in tonality are more natural baiji and complements their natural skin tone and eye color. Balayage is going to be a great choice. Whatever kind of tonality you want, Be brave to communicate with your hairstylist. Full communication is the prerequisite for you to get the perfect hair color.

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