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Do you really know how to install wire hair extensions quickly?

Do you really know how to install wire hair extensions quickly?

First we need to know how to install it correctly. Properly installed will be more secure, there is no need to have any concerns. Keep reading~


How to put on your Wire correctly?

When you're placing the Wire hair extensions on your head for the first time there's just a couple of little things that you want to keep in mind.

When you place the wire on your part you want to do that about an inch or so give or take away from your hairline. It's different for everybody but an in is usually good.

Then keep the sides really still and then push the back down.  it'll sit nice and snug underneath that occipital bone that sort of sticks out the back your head. And at this point in time, you're going to know if it's too small or too big that's when you change the wires over. If you don't have a prominent occipital bone that's fine, it still work really well.

How to pull your hair over to hide the halo?


There are two ways that you can pull your hair over.

The first way, where you've placed the wire on top of all of your hair and then you can pull your hair over the top. Using a tail comb, start inside your part that's it pointing to the back of the room if you point there and then feel that wire with the end of the comb sort of like it's a ruler and the tail comb is a pen and then you want to draw along the wire. Then with the comb you can just like comb ove it so that you get all the loops out.

The only time you're ever going to see the wire is if there 's hair stuck under it and that's just because you haven't pulled the hair out properly or it might actually be that the wire is too tight on your head, if that's the case you can move the wire back a smidge with your nail and that'll just give it a little bit more slack for you to then pick up the hair nice and clean around that wire.

And then with the actual teeth of the comb get right inside that part and almost like scoop the hair up like this you can feel it picking up. Then brushing over all of that and it picks everything up and the wire sits so low underneath your hair that look if i do this. If the winds blowing, it's not really going to be visible.

The second way that we suggest putting the halo on and that’s to clip your hair up in like a half up half down top bun. The wire is going to be like sort of an inch or so away from your hairline, leave that section forward and just kind of pick up from here like draw that circle section up and then tie that bit up rather than the whole fringe.

Then so exact same thing just place it over the bun this time, all sides still push the back down, then take the clip out and let your hair down over the top of it and then fix the front view. Use the end of the tail comb like it's a pin and the wire like it's a ruler you can really just follow it along and pick up the hair that's right alongside that wire and it'll just make it a really clean neat transition and it's really invisible!


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