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Hair Extensions For Short Hair + Hairstyles to Blend Extensions

Hair Extensions For Short Hair + Hairstyles to Blend Extensions

Hair Extensions For Short Hair + Hairstyles to Blend Extensions

1.Clip-in hair extensions, with which you can enjoy the best of both worlds—short hair and long hair—with absolutely no commitment and no damage to your own hair. With hair extensions, you can bring back your long hair any time you want.

clip in

2.If the ends of your hair are a bit heavy, the extensions you add will also have weight, so leave the neck and a little hair over your ears by slicing your hair. You can do a Dutch braid on your head from the ears to the center and then put these braids if the braid sounds too hard you can put your hair in a ponytail and then put the hair in your head and you can make a little butt whatever you want to do basically you have to get the hair out and let me down from top to bottom.


3.That makes this is now a lot lighter there's not as much heaviness which means it's gonna be a lot easier to blend hypothetically if you have a thinner finer hair you could skip pinning up the hair if you need to and just as a reminder if your hair is longer and layered and all that kind of stuff you don't have to worry about pinning the nape of your hair up this is literally just like a short hair trick that is very helpful now that I've showed you let's put the hair back up and put in some extensions. 

clip in

4.Now for the front we have a one clip a three clip and a one clip on each side first one goes over the braid to replace the hair that we hid and you can see that my root color is different from the extension color you could either go into your hair stylist and have them root for you or you could use a gray cover powder or spray to just make this blend with the rest of your hair and that's a really easy temporary thing you can do which I recommend the most because a it's cheap and easy but also you can wash it out and change how far up or down the route is based on your own route situation so I very much enjoy doing that when I am fully going for it.

clip in

Before and after hair extensions

clip in hair extensions

Use a curling iron to style your hair

We can also use curling irons or straightening irons to create any look you like.You can tailor your hair to your daily needs, giving you a different look every day.

Mermaid hair

First let's talk about some full-on mermaid hair that you can wear with it for this year sale we're basically just making three braids first you're going to take a large section on one side of your head and rate it all the way down and secure it with an elastic and then if you want some more volume you can pull the braid apart I mean is that not already just so happy phrasing waves it's just me all day long raising things and now you're gonna repeat the same thing on the other side.

Meatball hair

Next let's just do a cute easy classic option you're going to use your fingers to rake back the hair from your temples up pull that into an elastic and you can leave the hair around your face down or pull it back depending on what you like then you're gonna use your thumb and forefinger to loosen up the hair over the elastic to give a little bit more dimension and volume now with the ponytail that we have going on you're going to twist it loosely and then grab a Phoenix tiny piece at the end and scrunch the rest of the hair up which is going to create this really big voluminous twist you're gonna wrap that into the shape of a bun and pin it to death just to make sure it stays and once you've done that this hairstyle is done and there you go there is another very easy very classic option that you can do with some hair extensions okay wow that was a lot about extensions that's how blend them with your short hair so you can pretend like still have long hair.

Thank you for you support. Look forward to seeing you next time.

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