How to Blend Clip in Hair Extensions with Short Hair

How to Blend Clip in Hair Extensions with Short Hair

How I blend my hair extensions with my short hair and it is quite a challenge but I'm going to show you my technique on how I do it.

The hair extensions clip in human hair I used is 20” long, 220g, natural black color Goo Goo Classic clip in hair extensions.

If you have hair like me and you want to wear hair extensions, I don't recommend you passing 20 inches of length clip in hair extensions human hair. Because it's gonna be a lot harder for you to blend and you will be able to see the difference between the short hair and the long hair. I'm going to tell you what makes it work for me when I have straight hair.

A little above my earrings where I'm going to start parting my hair. It doesn't have to be a hundred percent perfect .When my husband is around or my mom is around, what I like to do is to braid the under part. I will grab this here and braid this part ,because normally this short ends the search trends tend to sit there and you don't want that to be showing when you have clip in hair extensions. So make sure you go ahead and remove this out of your neck. I just do a little ponytail like that, I know it looks weird but I tell you it doesn't move from there whatsoever if you're wearing your hair down. You won't be able to see it and your hair doesn't move.

Start with a one with a three clip weft. I like to start off with a metal clip and applying that right in the middle and then the corner clips. I like to grab the corner of the hair, twist it and apply that clip into that little twist.

Then we go ahead and part it again. Grab all short hair strands, starting with one side.

I like to grab half of it and twist it, do a little twist to the back. Apply clip right there where I started that twist. Then I grab the back one and I clip. I'm clipping the twist to the middle of the back of my hair, so it's out of the sides. Let's do it again with this side. So what you're doing them to are sort of twisting my sides and I'm bringing it to the back and in the middle. I'm crossing those two twists and I'm using the middle clip to hold those two strands of hair in the middle, so it falls right in the middle of my head and then on the side. I'm clipping the hair extensions onto the twist so make sure that it stays securely there and as well the hair falls into the back not into the front. Human Hair Extensions.

We don't want nothing short in the front or on the sides,so we're going to go on top of the where our eyebrows end which is where we're gonna go sometimes. You're going to get a lot of hair sometimes you're not but if you do have a lot of hair, there's parts where is going to be a lot of hair you can again twist in. You can braid it. Make sure you take everything outside. I'm going to twist it ,leave it there,twisted. I'm going to grab a fork lips strand and I'm going to start with the two in the middle to make sure that I grab those twisties. I'm not letting go the twist in the back in until I make sure that I grab everything I want to grab and everything is to the back and there we go. Clip on your clip in hair extensions.


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