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How to Choose Hair Extensions for Short Hair?

How to Choose Hair Extensions for Short Hair?

If you are short hair, then you've come to the right place to get your hair extensions suggestions.

Here are some rolls for you.  Before we continue do not go out and buy 22 inch 24 inch hair extensions. Cause it's going to take a lot of time you're going to have to get a really really thick set, then you takes a lot of time to make them blend.


If you have short hair like neck length or shorter, you're not able to throw them in and wear them straight or curly, that will takes a lot of work to make them look right.

The most popular length and easiest length for short hair girl to put in and that looks beautiful is 14. There are many different length and different colors on Goo Goo website to choose. For the color match you could also check with customer service, or just order 1-2 swatches to see if it works.

You may towel dried your hair before start the installation.

Use flat iron to straighten the underneath hair near your neck will makes it blends in all right.

When you finished the installation, The length of your hair will reach your boob. You will get full, shiny hair.


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