Goo Goo Hair Sample

Choose Sample Color:

A. Match your own hair' color
B. Test hair quality
C. Dye the hair
1 Color Sample for FREE!!

Sample Jet Black (1)

Sample Natural Black (1B)

Sample Dark Brown (2)

Sample Chocolate Brown (4)

Jet Black to Red Omber(1/99J)

Natural Black Balayage (1B/6/1B)

Light Blonde Balayage (1B/16/1B)

Dark Brown Balayage (2/6/2)

Dirty Blonde Omber (2/6/18)

Chestnut Brown Balayage (2/6)

Bleach Blonde Balayage (3/8/613)

Caramel Blonde Balayage (4/27/4)

Honey Blonde Balayage (4/26/4)

Golden Blonde Highlights (8/22)

Light Blonde Highlights (16/22)

Platinum Blonde Balayage (17/22/60)

Ash Blonde Highlights (17A/60)

Platinum Blonde (60)

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