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Seamless clip in human hair

Thanksgiving Hairstyle | GOO GOO Hair Extensions

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we'd celebrate with you guys by bringing you a super-cute Thanksgiving hairstyle. And using your GOO GOO hair extensions it's super easy to achieve. So let's get started!

You want to start by grabbing at your GOO GOO hair extension and you just want to place in the weft at the back of your head. So a two-clip weft at the bottom, followed by a three clip. Then your four-clip quad weft and then another three-clip.

Next you want to section the top half of your hair into a ponytail. And if you like you can leave out some front pieces of hair to frame your face. Make sure this is nice and smooth. I like to use a comb to make sure it's really neat. And then just tie that in place with an elastic.

Now it's time to curl the hair. Using wand with 32 to 19 millimetre barrel, and you don't have to be too precious with these curls. Just pick up sections. Start by curling away from your face and you don't have to leave these curls to cool in your hand. You can just let them go and pull on them gently to give that real tousled natural appearance. Then you can switch things up by curling towards your face. Basically alternate direction that you curl. This will give your hair a lot of volume and that really natural curl. And don't forget to curl the pieces of hair that you've left out in the front. When the curls are still warm, you can run your fingers through them just to break them up, and loosen them slightly.

Once all of your hair is cooled, gently brush through the curls and with a brush. And now we can move on to the braided bun.
Grab two two-clip wefts, and clip them together like so. This will give you a thicker weft with only two clips. Then you want to take this thicker weft and clip it in around the base of your ponytail.

Once this is secured, simply braid this into a three strand braid. Secure at the bottom, and a trick I like to use is to loop the hair at the bottom like so. This is so when you twist it into a bun, you don't get any annoying hairs poking out at the end.

Then gently tug on the braid to make it fuller and thicker. Twist the braid into a bun shape, and once you're happy with the placement just pin it in with bobby pins.

And that's the look done. I love this look because it makes it seem as if you put so much more effort into it than you actually did. Everyone's gonna be asking you how you achieved it.

Have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you guys soon!

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