4 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles

4 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles

Today Zina is creating four quick heatless ponytail hairstyles that will suit all hair lengths long, medium and even shoulder length hair... these can be dressed up or down, of course, by accessorizing them or prepping hair before recreating them!!!

The hair extensions she wears is Goo Goo Hair Wire Hair Extensions, Bleach Blonde Balayage (3/8/613)

First Ponytail

Select our top section and make a ponytail with it.

Make an opening and bring the ponytail through this opening like so.

Grab our lower section and bring it through the opening again up.

Tie all these sections together, creating a loop. Tie it with a clear elastic

Cover your elastic with your hair, tuck it into the elastic underneath the end and you're done!!

 Second Ponytail

Select again our top section and make an opening and bring the ponytail to you 

Loosen it a bit and then grab all your sections all together

Tie it with a clear elastic covering the elastic with some hair from the ponytail and as always don't forget to tuck it into the elastic underneath the ends so it will be secure.

Also guys you can use a crunchy instead of covering your elastic with your hair it looks nice as well.

Third Ponytail

Collect our top section but this time a little more hair than before

Divide into two remaining sections

Bring first section crisscrossing our ponytail into the crown section and leave it for later.

Repeat on the other side crisscrossing the previous sections

Bring these two sections underneath your ponytail and tie it using a clear elastic cute right.


 Fourth Ponytail

Select our side sections and leave them away for later.

Styling the bread you want to make a top detail again.

Then grabbing a small tiny section from this side you want to divide it into two and begin a row braid adding hair only to this section near our face so as we are braiding.

Add hair only to the front section finishing with a simple row braid. so basically our braid is twisting each strand one way and then twist them around each other opposite way we want to repeat this test on the other side again now.

Tie this both braids over your ponytail and tuck it into the topsy tail as well loosen it a bit.


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