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Hair Extensions:  Care and Tips

Hair Extensions: Care and Tips

How to prolong the life of your Goo Goo human hair extensions? All these tips like are going to help you keep your hair healthy and last longer.

Tip #1: Easy brushing to physically reduce the breakage

When it comes to brushing your Goo Goo hair extensions, be kind to them, be nice to them. Sometimes when you're in a hurry and you're pushing your hair really fast and yanking on them. Please slowly brush them out carefully. 

Take your time and I promise you your hair is going to last longer.


Tip #2: Heat protectant

When it comes to heat and styling your hair extensions, the best way is a heat protectant. 

Spray it in your hands and then pull it through it. Keeps your hair looking really shiny and nice. You do this before you actually start to curl your hair, straighten it. Heat protectant is going to help keep your hair healthy because it acts as a barrier.

When you're curling your hair like kind of steam come off that's the product versus damaging your hair so heat protectants are a thumbs up. 

Tip #3: Wash your hair 1-2 times a week

The less touching and pulling and washing that you can do to your extensions, they're going to last longer, because they're not being pulled on. Left alone a little more, so they're gonna stay in.

So your best friend is your dry shampoo. Wash my hair about once a week and then the rest of the days, just putting dry shampoo in.

If you want something that smells really good, like maybe on your last day and your hair is not smelling the best I go for a dove refresh and care, smelling really good and it smells like you just washed it. 

Tip #4: Style hair in ponytail gently

Be careful when you are putting your hair up. Just be careful and do it gently and you will prolong the life of your hair extension. You won't pull out your hair which is a plus.

Tip #5: Use scrunchies because they don’t pull on the hair as much, causing friction and breakage

Another tip is to use scrunchies versus hair ties. Because they have fabric on them and they will help promote less breakage When your hair is being tied in a ponytail or anything it helps create less damage. Scrunchies are totally in right.


Tip #6: Water filter!  It has helped so much with keeping your hair and skin soft when hard water is not so forgiving

The water filter will really changed your hair and even your skin. Installed that on your shower head and or on your shower. The water is so much better. Recommend you getting a water filter for your shower. The water just seems to be more soft. It's gonna help with less breakage and it will help your hair extensions clip in human hair last a lot longer as well.

Tip #7: Always rinse your hair with cool water when you are done washing your hair to seal the cuticles. This makes the hair stronger and resist elements of damage a bit better


Tip #8: Use the COOL button on your blow dryer when you are done blow drying your hair

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