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How to Wash Your Hair with Tape Extensions on?

How to Wash Your Hair with Tape Extensions on?

Tape in hair extensions will be with you for 4-7 days, how do you deal with it when you are going to have a shower? Proper cleaning steps can help your extensions last longer.

The first thing you may need to do is brushing out all of your hair.

This just helps prevent Goo Goo human hair tape extensions from being broken. Especially when you are about to take a shower. Rip through them when it's wet is not appreciated, because they're way more susceptible to breakage.

After using shampoo cleaned your natural hair (near your scalp), you may use the color care shampoo and lather into all of your hair extensions the other shampoo which helps with the longevity of extensions, such like b3 shampoo. it was made for hair extensions and color care.

And then this part is super super important. If you have tapes extensions on. You really want to make sure that you're separating each row and cleanse in between each one of them.

So depending on how grown out they are you'll have to use one or two fingers and get in between the wefts. and just scrub so it's nice and cleansed. once all of that is rinsed out you could take the Moroccan oil restorative mask and put it mainly on the ends of my hair because no one likes greasy hair.

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